Nordiq Canada’s Framework for Developing COVID-19 Return to Play Protocols is provided to help you modify operations to align with public health measures in place where you operate. The Framework includes a section specific to youth programming.

Club Resources

Sovereign Lake and Caledonia have created resource pages (here and here) that other clubs can use. Remember that Sovereign and Caledonia have significant facilities/staff/programs, so clubs may want to downsize these documents for their own purposes.


  • If warming facilities (huts/chalets/lodges) have restricted access consider hosting practices during the warmest part of the day, and prioritize practice times (example, have younger skiers ski at the warmest part of the day)
  • Stagger group usage of common areas, such as stadiums
  • If lodges/chalets have restricted access conduct appropriate “warm up games” for skiers to play while waiting for stragglers/late comers
  • Create warming opportunities outside (example, patio heaters, bon fires, or outdoor fire pits), while still encouraging social distancing
  • Create designated drop-off/pick up areas
  • Coaches/volunteers may want to bring extra hand warmers
  • List of appropriate warm clothing should be communicated to skiers/parents

What is 2m?

Using skis or poles to establish social distancing is a great way for the children/youth to participate in understanding what the space is.

Ski Snacks

  • Modify team practice rituals (example, instead of group hot chocolate encourage BYO hot chocolate in a thermos)
  • Encourage skiers to pack their essentials in backpacks (warm jacket, snacks, thermos, water, etc.). Leave outside for snack time or bring with for adventure skis.
  • Have a designated person circulate beverages and snacks outside to socially distanced skiers