Regarding the 2021-2022 season, racers who hold a 2021-2022 race license but who did not hold a 2020-2021 race license:

  • will not be seeded in Period 1; they will be seeded in Period 2 if they race in Period 1.
  • will not be used as reference skiers if they finish in the top 5 of early 2021-2022 races; they will be used as reference skiers when their 2021-2022 results start to be picked up by subsequent CPLs
  • will not be eligible for NST/PNST nominations or AAP selections that rely on 2020-2021 CPL rankings
  • may not be eligible for Divisional and regional selections (confirm with your Division).

2020-2021 race licenses will be for sale until June 1. 2021-2022 race licenses go on sale July 1, 2021. The next Points List will be generated in November 2021 and will continue to date back to May 2019. At this time and while the pandemic still carries many unknowns, we do not know how long we will continue to date lists back to May 2019.