Are Nordiq Canada events going ahead?

All FIS-sanctioned cross-country ski events for the 2020-21 season in Canada are cancelled. This includes FIS Regional Cups, World Championship Trials, and Canadian Ski Championships. Where it is safe to do so and at the discretion of the Division, local racing may continue.
This does not mean we sit back. Resources that were directed to domestic FIS events will be redirected to make sure we hit the start line stronger and faster in 2021-2022. Exciting, innovative and effective alternatives to national racing will be shared soon.

In the absence of a trials race, Nordiq Canada will evaluate the fairest method to select the most competitive Canadian teams. Amended criteria are likely to focus on the FIS 8th Cross Country List 2019/20 and proven international performances. Nordiq Canada intends to have shared revised criteria and possibly announce teams by December 7. In order to remain eligible for selection, you must have an active FIS license.

Wondering how we are making decisions? We are following Nordiq Canada’s COVID-19 Scenario Plan.

Extending Points Calculation Periods

Traditionally, FIS points earned by a competitor are valid for 365 days. An athlete’s FIS point ranking is based on the average of their best five results during that 365-day period. If an athlete doesn’t compete in a FIS competition for more than one year, the athlete will lose those FIS points. Due to concerns about event cancelation resulting from the pandemic, FIS has extended the FIS point calculation period back to May 13, 2019. This means any FIS points earned from May 13, 2019 until the end of the 2021 winter season will count toward an athlete’s FIS point ranking. An athlete entering the 2020-2021 season with FIS points will not lose their points if they are unable to participate in any FIS sanctioned competitions.

Nordiq Canada has also extended the Canada Points List calculation period back to May 13, 2019. This means any CPL points earned from May 13, 2019 until the end of the 2021 winter season will count toward an athlete’s CPL ranking. An athlete entering the 2020-2021 season with CPL points will not lose their points if they are unable to participate in any Nordiq Canada sanctioned competitions.

To keep your CPL and/or FIS points, you must have an active Nordiq Canada and/or FIS race license. Don’t delay in renewing – only current license holders will be included in points list calculations and eligible for selection..

Did you already renew your FIS license? If the cancellation of all 2020-2021 winter FIS races in Canada means you don’t need an active FIS license, you may request a refund by emailing Refund requests will only be accepted before December 11. Caution: There may be other reasons you need an active FIS license in 2020-2021, such as trip or team selection or summer rollerski competitions. Do not cancel your FIS license unless you are absolutely sure you will not need it. Nordiq Canada race licenses will not be refunded. Instead, race license revenue will be reinvested in athlete programming to replace national racing, and we will continue to generate Canada Points lists.


Explaining Our Races to Health Authorities

Modifying Race Protocols

Nordiq Canada’s Framework for Developing COVID-19 Return to Play Protocols is provided to help you modify operations to align with public health measures in place where you operate. The Framework includes a section specific to competitions.

Zone 4 Timing Cleaning Protocols

Please check for up-to-date guidance. This guidance was current on October 15, 2020.

For cleaning of GoChips after use, Zone 4 recommends washing them in a solution of 1000ppm-diluted bleach with water for at least one minute and up to 4 hours. Allow the chips to air-dry, or rinse them in clean water and then air-dry. Do not leave bleach-soaked GoChips exposed to direct sunlight. Undiluted bleach will destroy the GoChip label stickers and straps and may affect their casing.

Preparing a 1:50 Household Bleach Solution (approximately 1000ppm):

  • 20 ml (4 teaspoons) household bleach + 1000 ml (4 cups) water
  • 100 ml (7 tablespoons) household bleach + 5000 ml (20 cups) water

Racers can toss their GoChips into a prepared bucket of water with bleach at the finish area.

Other timing equipment such as GoChip activators, Start Wands, Summit Timers and Finish Line equipment should also be disinfected by either a 1000ppm bleach solution spray/wipe, or one of the ‘Hard-surface disinfectants and hand sanitizers’ recommended by Health Canada.

This timing equipment is usually handled only by timers at an event. Zone4 recommends that event organizers limit the number of timers handling each equipment piece to reduce the amount of contact.

Zone 4 can program in the registration which GoChip belongs to each athlete. When the registration information is imported into the race timing program, the chip number will automatically be assigned again to the racer. You can import the racer’s information including GoChip number into as many races as you wish throughout the event. Bib numbers and GoChip numbers don’t need to match, so racers can be given a different bib number for the next raceday, but keep the same GoChip. This is easier than having to wash GoChips and wait for them to dry between racedays.

Covid Event Checklist


Can you host an event under the current gathering restriction?

  • Will your indoor facility be open?
  • If open what are the restriction and can access be limited to certain groups?
  • If you building access is limited or closed what is the vehicle capacity in your parking lot?
  • In the event of inclement weather i.e. Rain or freezing temps under the restrictions above can you safely hold the event?

Competition Formats 

What are the gathering restrictions when thinking about mass start.

  • Are you limited to less than 25 people? – Consider switching to classic
  • Are your trails wide enough for two athletes to skate side by side?
  • Can you set at least 3 classic tracks with 2 m spacing?
  • Could whiskers be used on downhills to set corridors as used on the homestretch to maintain social distancing?

Considerations for interval start

  • What length of lap is possible?
  • 30 second vs 60 second starts?
  • <2.5 km = 60 second starts
  • >2.5 km = 30 second starts
  • Corridor all corners to maintain social distancing


  • Mandatory face coverings outside of competition
  • All Team Captains meetings online
  • Awards ceremonies only if social distancing can be maintained
  • No day of registration
  • Health checks. Online form linked on Race Notice and Race website to be handed in to Race Secretary
  • Available hand sanitizer onsite for common use
  • Port-A-Potty’s available if facility washrooms closed
  • Clear race schedule and competition plan with local health authority for permission.
  • Attestation form
  • Do you have the capacity to track a positive case
  • Designated Medical Coordinator as on site COVID point person